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Printing Chidushei Torah is a huge undertaking that can be made easy with personal oversight and guidance throughout every stage of the publishing process. From typing to cover design, Machon Meoros Haksav makes publishing a smooth and attainable journey.

Whether you are looking to publish your ancestors’ manuscripts or if your own chidushim compiled enough to fill a kuntres or sefer, Machon Meoros Haksav will see to it that your project moves smoothly and efficiently to the finish line.

Our Services

Machon Meoros Haksav provides a full array of services which includes typing, transcribing, editing, layout, graphics and printing


Are your notes piling up? Ensure that your priceless manuscripts last forever by digitalizing them with our experienced team of typist and editors who specialize in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English.


We professionally edit your sefer on all levels which includes proofreading, basic editing, or a full rewrite.


Our professional transcribers provide an accurate word by word transcription in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English.


Every individual project, whether a sefer or a book, gets a custom-style layout based on its specific theme and content.


Our graphics team is trained to meet your personal vision in your cover design as well as all your needs with regard to the dedication pages, shaar blatt pages, and all your advertising needs.


Check out our vast array of printing options, from hard cover books/seforim to soft cover kuntresim. You can also choose one of the many finishes for your cover, such as gloss, matte or leather feel. No job too big or small.

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Pages Typed

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Seforim Published

Meeting your personal deadline

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Let your sefer shine at your upcoming simcha!

We specialize in meeting deadlines for your upcoming simcha or event.

Make a true עילוי נשמה when publishing a ספר הזכרון

We are proficient in setting up and arranging projects involving many participants.

Deliver your notes and we'll deliver your sefer

We are looking forward to working on your project.